Dakwakada Capital Investments (DCI) is a First Nations-owned private investment firm headquartered in Whitehorse, with business and real estate holdings across the Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, and Alaska. Our sole shareholder is the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations Trust, which oversees the compensation and investment funds of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations – based in Haines Junction, Yukon. Our mandate is to manage DCI companies and holdings and generate revenue for the Trust in a manner consistent with the culture and traditions of the First Nations.

We always are always interested in a conversation about mutually beneficial partnerships, investment opportunities, and team members for Dakwakada companies.


Commercial and residential products

Canada West Garage Doors, Harbour Door Services, Mac Plastics & Mac Skylights, Northerm Windows and Doors


Castle Rock Enterprises – a Yukon construction firm with a 27-year reputation for service and quality


Significant property holdings in the Yukon territory and British Columbia


DCI is invested in the Panache Ventures Investment Fund – Canada’s most active seed-stage venture capital fund.

RAB Energy Group Inc.

Northerm manufactures superior windows, doors and other glass products for consumers across the North.

Castle Rock Enterprises

Yukon family company with a 27-year reputation for service & quality products.

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We are always seeking investments in operating companies with strong management teams, competitive advantages, and healthy financial positions.