April 23, 2021

Dakwakada Capital Investments LP (“DCI”) is pleased to announce that DCI has acquired Canada West Garage Doors Inc. (“Canada West”), a Kelowna, BC based provider of residential and commercial overhead doors. Canada West supplies, installs and repairs the complete spectrum of garage door styles and designs, with specialist knowledge of the latest trends and technology.

Founded upon the tenet that the Okanagan Valley was an opportune geography for a “service-driven” garage door business due to the continued growth in the new home building segment, Canada West has, in less than 24 operational months, evolved from start-up to being a key trades supplier to many of the Okanagan’s most successful individual and development-build homebuilder market. The essence of success to date has been derived from the expertise/reputation of their staff and through their ability to deliver our promises and provide the “right” design and product, in an efficient, effective, and cost-competitive manner.

This is the second significant acquisition for DCI outside of the Yukon Territory and represents the second overhead door acquisition in the past 6 months. DCI is the majority owner of Northerm Windows and Doors, which recently acquired Bud’s Industrial Installation (Yukon) Ltd. (“Bud’s”). Bud’s supplies, installs and services predominantly commercial overhead doors in the Yukon.

The acquisition of the second overhead door company will strengthen DCI’s presence in western Canada and is intended to address current supply chain delays. We believe this increased presence will translate into reduce lead times for our customers.

DCI management has stated “This acquisition will provide another strategic piece to the Dakwakada portfolio…” and “…is expected to allow for cross selling of products, such as skylights and custom plastics, from elsewhere in our portfolio.

A copy of the press release can be found here