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January 22, 2020. Dakwakada Capital Investments LP (“DCI”) announced today that DCI has acquired Mac Plastics Ltd. (“Mac”), an Edmonton based skylight manufacturing company which also specializes in custom fabrication and thermal forming of plastic sheet products.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Mac has been in business for over 55 years and has built the reputation of being the leader in the design, fabrication and installation of plastic and glass skylights in Western Canada. Mac provides an exceptional range of glass and plastic skylights for commercial and residential applications, plastic fabrication of many types of plastic products, and also provides installation and repair services.

Mac has custom designed and manufactured an aluminum framing system that is unique in the industry. With this offering in place, the Company is able to specialize in all types of skylight and overhead glazing systems designed to work in Alberta’s fluctuating climate. Hundreds of projects have been successfully completed at locations throughout western Canada and the north. Mac is the only skylight manufacturing company on the prairies that offers a complete product line of both plastic and glass skylights. Mac is the leader in this industry.

This acquisition represents a strategic move for DCI as it expands its active investments outside of the Yukon. Mac is regarded as having products which are far superior to others on the market and DCI believes this is very complimentary to another of its investments, Northerm Windows and Doors. This acquisition provides geographical diversification for DCI, and is expected to generate long term benefits for Champagne and Aishihik First Nations.

This acquisition will allow for the sharing of manufacturing best practices for organizations in the north and in Edmonton. “We look forward to the technical experts from both organizations to share ideas and identify opportunities to improve upon existing products and possibly create new products to bring to market” according to DCI Management